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Top 5 Kitchen Utensils Every Restaurants Needs

15 Jan 2021

The biggest investment that one might make in a restaurant is in the kitchen. A well made & stocked kitchen is a matter of pride and success for any restaurant. Kitchen Utensils are indispensable part of any kitchen and essential elements of a successful kitchen. 

With quite many commercial kitchen utensils are available in the market, setting up a commercial kitchen can be a daunting task for the newbies .And especially for Kitchen Utensils in UAE with a number of Kitchen Utensils Supplier, and one might get confused. This guide should be able to familiarize you with some of the Kitchen Utensils that a commercial kitchen might need.

  1. The precision Scales

A lot of us might use measuring cups and bowls for our recipes; however for exact and precise measurements we can consider using precision scales.  Some professionals also measure the liquids while preparing a dish! Precision scales give the chef that extra confidence. We recommend you to use electric scales that stay put in a place and calibrate back to 0 after each measurement.

  1. The Slow Cooker

Though a bit on the heavier side when you weigh them, however they are excellent piece of invention. They are essential to steam, roast, stew, simmer & braise food.  They can be left on while you are in the kitchen and they come with ‘keep warm” function. Plus you might even earn toned arms while lifting them each time!

  1. An awesome chopping board

One of the best investments that you might make in Kitchen Utensils is of an awesomeCutting Board. Cut vegetables, meat, fish precisely with a right board. You can buy either plastic ones or go for hardwood ones in fine quality.

  1. Absolutely Essential Knives

Do some research and invest in the best chef’s knives. We understand that there are essentially 3 important ones that every chef should own. One, the slicing knife that is useful for peeling or slicing vegetables and fruits, the second one – the chef’s knife which is the biggest and moreover used to cut meat and the third one is a paring knife- with the small blade.

  1. The oven proof Dish

Absolutely a relief and essential to any kitchen, an oven proof dish is a key to cooking casseroles, crumbles or roast. 

So the next time you set up commercial kitchen utensils, do not forget to include the ones we introduced. And you can always get in touch with HIHORECA, your preferred Kitchen Utensils Supplier.

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